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Okay so I finally finished revamping my first story and since I want to give it a test run, I'll put up a chapter week or every two weeks to see what you guys think. It's done this time, except for some extra proofreading I need to do and that's where you all will help me. Point out typos, continuity problems and the like. But other than those little things, the loose are ends tied, extra words gone, the whole nine yards clocking in at 68,300 words. Not bad. But I'll let you decided. I'm putting it up in... oh about the next five minutes and then we'll see what happens. What's it about? You know that idea in the post right below this one? Yeah. That's the one. It's about a girl who controls the forces of nature and has to use her powers to stop the dark mistresses of a tyrant from shattering the seal of oblivion and releasing him from his seven thousand year old prison. It's a lot more complex than that of course, but it finally worked itself out for me, after I cut 18k words from the original draft. Wow. Anywho, TTFN. Give me ten minutes....

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