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Age gaps: Romance and Age

Okay. So I was reading something last night and I just had to come on here and rant about it. Now Romance is a delicate enough situation to write realistically and I mean a building romance from zero to ten, but people romance is not lusting after someone, having sex, and then afterwards miraculously realizing they've fallen in love and the man or woman leaves their whorish ways. Hell no! No! No! No! It just doesn't happen. Let's face it. Movies romanticize love people but even then they have to be conscious of the believability factor. Heck, I romanticize love just a tad although I tend to be more of a realist when it comes to the issue and not an idealist. I like to deal with those complicated relationships which gets us to the Age gap.

Age gaps are okay people. You can use them, but there's a line you can't cross. Last night I was reading something and holy hell I nearly got up at two in the morning to write this I was so disturbed. People, it is not okay for a twenty-five year old to lust after a fourteen year old, have sex with her, and then claim to fall in love with her. That's a damn pedophile, a child molester! It's just wrong unless there are extraordinary circumstances. I mean, even though it happened in ancient history at least the king or whoever took the child as a wife a with parents permission. But that's a different circumstance, a circumstance that may or may not be okay, but I'm not here to debate that.

I am here to debate that a twenty-five year old playboy (or playgirl) does not  lust after a fourteen year old, have sex with him/her a few days after they meet and then fall in love with a child! It's not only not realistic as anyone that easy isn't going to make a playboy (or playgirl) turn from their old ways, but that's freaking pedophilia and it's not okay! And I don;t understand how some person got it in their minds that it was okay to write about and blatantly say they were having sexual relations. Writers, this is the stuff parents want to censor. If you want to get published for anyone, don't write that stuff unless you're making a point about abusive relationships or with the right circumstance. I would die if my fourteen year old was running around having sex with a twenty-five year old. Whoever wrote that I hope has a good relationship because it's not alright to think that's okay even in fiction. There's just a line that you can't cross.

In conclusions, while lust in bad in this case, love is not, But know there is a difference because I admit I play with age gaps but the build up is towards love, not having sex because they want to. I don't even mess with that stuff. Love is safe though. But when you start to mess with sex in fiction, you're running into a problem if we're dealing with ages below sixteen. So please remember, love is fine, but one must not cross the line of molestation and into pedophilia.

Edit: As you can see, I'm very passionate about this and I just wanted to say to any fourteen-year-olds or fifteen-year-olds reading this, it is not flattering for a grown man to want to have sex with you. Acquaintances is even dangerous nowadays because, at least in the U.S.A, there are some real nuts out there.

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