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Tip of the week: Write the Story You Want to Read

So as a writer, I'm always looking for inspiration and as I was looking through some of the fanfiction.net archives (don't act like you don't read it), I was wondering what makes a person write a story or what should anyway. Typically on fanfiction.net, the authors see an idea and want to try it with their favorite character in their favorite archive. Personally, it does work that way with me. If it doesn't have demons or the mention of the Shikon jewel and Kikyo coming back from the dead, it's not and Inuyasha fic, but that's beside the point. The point is that these writers are writing an idea they haven't seen in the archive. In other words, they write the story they want to read.

That's the reason I started writing in fact and found out I had a knack for it. I wanted to read a story, couldn't find it and decided to write it. When I say this, it doesn't mean throw all your favorite cliches in a story. That's not a good thing. But what it does mean is that if you want to read a story about a girl who controls the forces of nature and has to stop the dark mistresses of a tyrant from helping him escaping his seven-thousand year old prison in oblivion (That's my story and I will sue if I find out you stole it), write about it. The point is, if you want to write don't start with what others want to read. Figure out what story you want to read, never found, and wanted to write. You may just be meant to write that story.

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