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Just Write the Damn Story

So as I'm going back and editing The Seal of Oblivion, I was thinking about some people I know, mostly on the internet, who start stories but can't get through them. The reason that pops up mostly is that "I just can't make this beginning perfect. It's not right." Okay people, it's fine to want your first chapter to be perfect as it is the chapter that's going to draw the reader in but remember, the first chapter isn't the entire story people. You got to get past chapter one and write the story folks or it will never be a story. It's will only be this great idea that never got off the ground because too much time was spent trying to get the first chapter just right. You know why it doesn't matter? Well, because nine times out of ten, the first chapter you write won't be the first chapter. It probably won't even make it into the final draft. I knocked two whole chapters off the beginning and ended up with a strong first chapter, at least I think I dd.

That's why the saying is revise, revise again, and then revise some more. You're probably going to do at least three major overhauls if it's your first novel and tons of revision. So don't get stuck on chapter one. Don't worry that it's not perfect. Don't worry if you feel awkward about any part. Just write the damn story folks and then fix it afterwards.

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