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My Distractions

            Since I have so many distractions that I didn’t cover Friday and the fact that I was so distracted yesterday that I didn’t update my blog yesterday, I decided to compile a list of my biggest distractions that keep me from writing.

            1) The Internet
            2) Video Games
            3) Siblings
            4) Entire Family
            5) Lady Bugs (don't even ask)
            6) My Cell Phone (especially since friends like to come for me for counseling)
            7) Friends
            8) Star Wars
            9) Manga (especially the ones that I stay up till three a.m. reading and prevents me from updating my blog. Lol)
            10) Cooking
            11)The little things out of place (I mean a single piece of paper on the floor will drive me nuts in an otherwise clean room, but the room can be a little junky as a whole and it won’t bother me)
            12) School (I know. This should be a priority, but if I had a choice…)
            13) Sleep
            14) Reading
            15) Twitter
            16) My Employer (don’t ask)
            17) Musical Soundtracks
            18) Pokemon (this can be classified in video games, but I call it a whole different monster. Been trying to break this addiction since ’98)
            19) Watching Anime (could be classified with internet, but since I’m usually just sitting with the earphones in my ear, I separate it)
            20) Random Thoughts (Random Thought: Why aren’t the guys in real life as hot as anime and manga guys)

            So a silly post that reflect the fact that I am distracted right now and the fact that I stayed up until three a.m. reading manga and need a nice hot cup of coffee to give me a boost, but there’s no sugar.   Have a good day, while I go to war with distractions.

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