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Long Week....

I tell you. This has been a horrible week for me and the internet. I’ve been spending time with family, shopping, out all day Saturday, which means I missed a blog post! Ugh… Anyway, as of this week, I’m really setting my mind in gear to finish editing my novel and being done with it and I’ve got a whole week to do it. The next question is whether it goes to agents or whether I go on and self publish it as an e-book, but that would still be months away if I did so. More like in June of next year. I’ll see.

For the blog, since NaNoWriMo is almost over, we’ll start talking about editing.

But anyway, I’m a writer writing a blog, but it would make since to have a book as reference not only to talk about, but to prove I do indeed know what I’m talking about. So that’s my status for the week. Hope everyone had a good week and break. I know I did… Two more weeks of school and I’m done for the semester!

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