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Happy NaNoWriMo!

So it’s November first and the first day of NaNoWriMo. That means countless writers are going to attempt the 50k word in thirty days challenge. I’ll join you all next year… Anyway, since this is the month of writing novel, this month will be more or less dedicated to novels, along with all my other random writing thoughts and rants. This is just a list of some of the topics I’ll try to cover:

The Novel (Duh)
Type of Novels
Genres including: The Romance, The Fantasy, The Adventure, The Thriller, The YA etc…
Antagonists (Not necessarily the character)
Points of View (POV)
Romance (Not the genre)
Drama (What does it really mean?)
Parts of the Novel (Introduction, Rising action, Climax, Resolution)
Word Count
Stakes and Risks
Conflict and Complications: What’s the Difference?
Grammar Rules Mostly Apply
Creative Writing Devices
Tropes and Clichés: What’s the difference?
Ideas and Execution
Characters and Plot (Which drives which?)
Death to all Adverbs and Adjectives!
Mystery (not the genre)
Suspense (again, not the genre)
Rising Tension
World Building

That’s only some of the stuff. No doubt I’ll come up with more and many of these have a lot of sub-topics. So it’s going to be a fun month. While you all are writing novels, I’ll start talking about them… The Short story is feeling a little left out, as are the comics, manga, and graphic novels. I’ll get to them I promise… Once I find someone to guest blog on here and write about them. I can do manga, but short stories and comics aren’t my specialty. Now to edit this darn novel…

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