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Going to new places...

So yesterday was my fiftieth post and that really is something to mention even if nothing to be celebrated. So now my main focus is to build up the hits on this site which is pretty decent as it. So followers tell any of your friends just to come check out the site. They don't have to like it.

So what's up for this week? Well, no doubt I have to do formatting, something a lot of people have had issues with and then I plan in talking about the 'willing suspense of disbelief'. Relax if you have an idea, but aren't exactly sure what that term means. Then I'll probably do tropes and cliches, along with characters and plot and pacing. I might throw a rant in sometime about creative devices because I really need to vent. Anyway, Since I'm almost done with writing about novels, I plan to talk about other writing platforms, but... Looks like have to do some research to do. But something I can talk about without research is revising.

So I'm really getting the hang of this blogging thing. So time for some growth and going to new places, stepping out of the comfort zone a little.

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