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Writer's Block Party

Writer's block. There's only one way to really describe it. It's a pain in the ass and some writers will swear it doesn't exist and call it something else (Tina McElroy Ansa comes to mind). But whatever it's called, it comes in many incarnations.

Writer's Block Type # One: I just have no clue what to write
This is usually the result of having no quite planned the story like the writer should have and they have no idea what they can write to keep the story going even though they want to write it. I've usually found myself with this after I've really been going at a good pace for a while. I blocked my character into a corner and then blocked myself into one because I didn't even know what my MC could do to get out of it. It took me weeks to figure out a way to rationally get her out of it and I whined about it the entire time and felt so guilty for being away from my story for so long. But if I had planned it from the jump, it might not have happened... Well I do plan. I just skipped over really planning that part. Anywho, this type goes away after the writer thinks it out, watches some television and figures it out.

Writer's Block Type # Two: I didn't plan for it to go that way...
This typically happens when the story starts to take on a mind of its own and we writers are trying to force it in the direction we want it to go instead of the direction the story wants to go. No matter what you do, the way you want it to go just won't do the trick and the more we try to figure out a way to make it work, the more blocked and frustrated the writer gets. Generally, this goes away when the writer just throws out their original plan and let's the story take it away. Not only will the writing flow, but it bring back the fun in writing because the writer writes things they didn't even know would happen in the story. I did this when I was trying to build a relationship, but wanted to do so after a major event in the story. However, the story saw fit to deal with the relationship first. Needless to say, until I let the story write itself, I was stuck for days.

Writer's Block Type # Three: I'm sleepy. I'm ready to be done with this novel, my favorite reality television show is on, and I have a six page essay due in two days.
This is what the writer Tina McElroy believes in, but I still call it a form of writer's block whether she believe in it or not. This is the writer's block that comes when the writer's been working too hard on the writing. It's not that there are the lack of ideas, just that the writer is tired and unfocused because writing has taken over their lives. So this is the time the writer should press the save button, close the laptop, and take a break from their WIP. Go see a movie, watch some television, finish the six page essay, take a walk or something that will clear and relax your mind. If sleepy, go take a nap or go to bed and I assure that the next morning or when it's time to get up, the writer will be ready to go again. It just works that way sometimes. The brain just needs a break or the writer is concentrating too hard and not allowing the creative juices to flow. Yes, treat writing like a job, but even employees need to take a few days off work to get rejuvenated.

Writer's Block Type # Four: I just don't feel like writing. Nothing's coming.
This is the most dreaded form of writer's block. I don't believe in waiting for inspiration per say because the idea was the inspiration, now the writer has to mold it. But there is a such thing as the writer just not feeling up to writing. There are days when some writers just don't want to write (though I can't fathom it!). Usually this coincides with some kind of domestic stress or something going on in the personal life, but some writers go through this stage. My advice is to leave the WIP alone and go write out the problems and issues instead. Writing what I'm going through usually lightens me up and makes me able to write again. If that doesn't work, the only thing I can say is put it away and do something fun. take a vacation or hell go sit in the Student Life Center of any college and I guarantee you that by the end of the day, you'll be ready to write volumes.

So what other types of writers blocks do you know of? And what other solutions to it do you have.

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