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Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Started Writing.

So I'm a little peeved right now. Why? Well, I'm going through my novel trying to revise and boy is it hard. the revising process is slower than writing, and I mean slow. But wait, I'll get to that.

TIWSTM # 1: You Wrote a Novel? I Hereby Dub You and Editor!
 I've been through five damn versions people. Five Revamps! That's not including revising for grammar stuff and now I'm revising. It didn't take me this long to write the damn novel. On average, it takes me three or four days just to get through a chapter and that's a short one. Let's not talk about the long ones.....

TIWSTM #2: So You Wanna Be a Pokemon Master...
Psh... Master. Someone is always going to hate your work or hate it because they're jealous and there will always be competition. Damn it. It's like cooking. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in th epot nine days old. When you think it's ready, someone else wants to polish it. And guess what? The writer will never be satisfied. It's always something.

TIWSTM #3: Kill your Darlings
You know where the original first chapter of my novel is? The trash! My story didn't even start until chapter three. Three! That was nearly ten thousand words of my sweat, blood, tears, frustrations, and anger and it just wasn't doing it. My suggestion, write the novel, especially newbies and them delete the first chapter.

That's it for now, but I am really frustrated. Ugh! Back to editing.

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