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Scans of Characters: First Drafts

So it's the end of character week and I promised since day one I'd put up some scans of my first incarnations of characters I came up with, which have since changed so I'm not worried about it.

 As you can see above, my main character took up this page since I had the most to say about her. Again, she's changed since then and this is nowhere near what I'd write now, but this was the start. I think this is like six years ago actually

And both these pages are my supporting characters. They have since change as well but not as much as my main character. Their ages are still the same as well as their basic personality but I add some personal stuff and familiar background information. As you can say, they were pretty rough six years ago, vague ideas. Now I could give each character their own book. So have a good time with this and don't be too harsh on yourself with the characters. They'll come out rough.

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