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Writers' Conferences

I have a big suggestion for everyone here. Go to a writers' conference.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me explain why and exactly what conferences to go to. It's so wonderful to go to one. I just went to my first one yesterday and on my college student $20 budget (that's a shout out to a friend) I thought I'd never be able to afford one. Yes, find a cheap one. Don't spend thousands. This one was forty dollars and had a few pretty big names, people like Ricky Moon, Tina, McElroy, Anya Silver and some editors too (I got an invite to email one for going to his workshop). It was a small intimate setting and that's what I think any new and upcoming writers should look for. In a smaller conference with an intimate setting such as the one I went to (The Crossroads Writer's Conference and for students, it's only forty dollars), it opens up the opportunity to talk to the actual writers, have them learn your name, get emails, meet people in the local area that you can go to. My God I learned a wealth of information.

Now I didn't learn much on the query letter, but hey a lot of other stuff was reaffirmed. I don't think I'm crazy because my characters talk to me or I miss them! I'm not the only writer who treats writing as a job and I'm not published yet. Alright!

Anyway, I learned a lot of things, had things confirmed by people who understand my plight and learned the most important thing of all...

I am a writer. And that's not determined because I have or haven't published books before. I am one because I do it every day and putting as much work into it as I am putting into it, I know I'll be a big name soon no matter what anyone says.

Did I get any autographs? No. But I got emails and cards and websites! Why get an autograph? The way I see it-and you may find it to be vain and overconfident-I'll be sitting right up there on a panel in a few years with them anyway and I refuse to believe I have to wait until I'm forty. I think and I know I can compete with the big boys. I just have to do it.

You know what... My teacher said bring in a one or two page piece on what I learned and what happened at the conference. I wonder if she'll accept me copying and pasting it off this blog....

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